Our Promise

We are committed to sustainability because of our deep respect for our planet. Sustainable practices are good for the planet, our customers, and our communities, especially as our climate is in crisis. At Rest Day, environmental concerns influence every stage of our business, from product sourcing and development to distribution, to minimize our manufacturing and distribution impact. 


CBD from hemp can’t be classified as Organic in the United States, but the hemp used in our products is grown according to U. S. National Organic Standards. Our products are also Phthalate-free, which is beneficial to both the consumer and the environment


The packaging for each product has been developed with three priorities in mind: 

Volume Reduction

Reducing the amount of space necessary to ship and store products is not only more cost-effective for the consumer, but requires us to use fewer materials. For example, because we use recycled kraft paper envelopes to package our bath soaks instead of a glass or plastic jar, we are able to ship with fewer materials. Using this method we omitted the need for additional shipping materials such as an outer box, void fill, and a specific shipper box. 

Weight Reduction

Reducing overall transit weight is one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions. Prioritizing weight reduction through smaller, more efficient packaging allows us to reduce the carbon footprint required to do business.

Renewable, Reusable, or Recyclable

In 2020 we are working to become plastic-free. At this time only our Targeted Relief Roller has a plastic component containing petroleum. The inner-lining of our bath soaks is made of PLA, a plant-based alternative to conventional plastic. While PLA is far from perfect, it is an improvement upon petroleum-based plastics and reduces the overall carbon footprint of our packaging.


Eventually each product will be used up. Each product has a specific recommendation for disposal at the end of the product’s life. Read below for more information about each product and how to recycle or reuse the packaging. 

  • Recovery Soak (link): The exterior envelope is made of 90% post-consumer content that is fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable, and was made in the USA. The label for this product is printed on compostable and biodegradable material with a compostable adhesive. The interior packaging is made from a renewable plant-derived source and is also certified compostable. 
  • More product recovery instructions coming soon!

As our business grows, we promise to further improve our sustainability efforts to make each product as low-impact to the environment as possible. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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