About Rest Day

Our Beginnings

"There has to be a better way." 

Rest Day was inspired by two women trying to fit their training regimes into their daily lives. While Megan was training for her first marathon, she felt there had to be a better way to do recover than to be perpetually feeling sore. Calling Ali from the floor of her bedroom, Megan asked Ali if they could research what was available to help her recover. They got their heads together, and the ball was rolling. Rest Day was born. 

Rest Day was established to ease training fatigue, aches and pains, and increase the feeling of muscle recovery. We developed our product through rigorous testing and development cycles.  

Man stretching during a run

Recover and Repeat

Our goal is to improve people's lives with the power of CBD, and we are just getting started. Today, our plan is to create an approachable community of athletes leveraging CBD to train better, harder, and with more frequency to accomplish their goals.

We hope that Rest Day provides you with relief and recovery from your training or your day and helps you get back to chasing your goals. 

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What People are Saying

We just launched in October 2019, but feedback from our initial testing was highly positive with a 50% reduction in overall soreness for several hours. Give Rest Day a try - we know you're going to like it. 

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