Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

If your father or partner likes to get moving or is looking to build fitness, make sure to give them a Father's Day gift that will bring joy and motivate. After all, every dad will appreciate relief from sore spots or heavy muscles. While they may have a lot of fitness gear or accessories, give your dad some Rest Day and you'll be helping to reinforce wellness and relief to help them relax.

Father's Day is notoriously difficult to shop for. Luckily, we have some Father's Day gift ideas to make both of your lives a little easier. Check out our unique, thoughtful, and unexpected Father's Day gifts below!

Muscle + Joint Relief Rub

Muscle and Joint Relief Rub on rocks at the beach

If your dad loves to move, try out Muscle + Joint Relief Rub. With 200 mg of CBD (and no THC!), they will be ready for adventure in no time. Our formula has a cooling menthol effect right away, followed by the relief of CBD, and has a faint eucalyptus scent. Unlike other more aggressive muscle rubs, this product has a scent you can live with and a cooling sensation.

Targeted Relief Roller

Whether your dad likes to visit the surf, the snow, or somewhere in between, they will love this travel-friendly Targeted Relief Roller. Ready to move with you, this roller was designed for those small tough spots. Every dad will agree that necks, backs, hands, and knees can get sore and painful by the end of a day with family.

Recovery Soak

Recovery Soak on Wood Table

For the bath-loving dad, there's nothing like a Recovery Soak with 50mg of CBD. Perfect for addressing full-body soreness, the Recovery Soak will make a good night's sleep easy as 1-2-3. And, your dad will have a luxury experience. Just add Netflix!

A CBD Starter Kit

CBD Starter Kit on wood table

If your dad goes really hard, they're going to need to recover hard. Gift him the ultimate recovery pack this Father's Day. Rest Day CBD Starter Sets come in two sizes, and both are a great kickoff for them to up their game this year. Try the Ultimate CBD Starter Set (shown above) which includes two CBD Recovery Soaks and both a Muscle + Joint Relief Rub and Targeted Relief Roller at a great deal. The "hurts so good" feeling will hurt a little less.

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