CBD for Athletes: When and What to Use

CBD for Athletes: When and What to Use

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Maybe you’re training for a marathon and your calves and shins are constantly tight after a long run; or maybe you’re a dedicated gym rat and you need something to help loosen your muscles before you go for that new PR.

No matter what sport you compete in, if you’re constantly pushing your body to perform at its best, then you’re guaranteed to experience some sort of muscle soreness.

Like they say, “No pain, go gain!”

Soreness can be good because it’s a side effect of pushing yourself, but it can also be a distraction, and with its sudden rise in popularity, more athletes are turning to CBD to elevate their recovery game to the next level.

But with so many different CBD solutions available it can seem overwhelming when trying to find the right product for your individual needs. Don’t worry, at Rest Day we’ve developed the perfect 1-2 punch to take care of your pre and post workout needs.

Muscle + Joint Relief Rub (200mg) – Think of this as your all-purpose solution. It can be applied pre-workout to loosen achy joints and muscles or it can be massaged into tight muscles after a workout to speed up recovery. CBD tends to have a compounding effect, so we suggest incorporating this into your fitness routine as often as possible to get the most bang for your buck!

Recovery Soak (50mg) – What’s more relaxing than a nice warm bath after a long day? A bath that is infused with CBD and Epsom salt! This is a total body solution that targets areas not only the main movers like your legs and arms, but it will also reach areas you may not have even realized were tense like your upper back and shoulders. CBD is also a natural remedy for anxiety, so implementing this into your nightly routine will have you feeling completely relaxed in mind and body which will lead to better sleep!

P.S. – Stay tuned for our release of our Targeted Relief Roller (100mg) which will blend the healing powers of CBD and essential oils into a roller that will massage sore joints and muscles!

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